Health and Well-Being Metrics in Business

Objective: Health and well-being (HWB) are material to sustainable business performance. Yet, corporate reporting largely lacks the intentional inclusion of HWB metrics. This brief report presents an argument for inclusion of HWB metrics into existing standards for corporate reporting.Methods and Results: A Core Scorecard and a Comprehensive Scorecard, designed by a team of subject matter experts, based on available evidence of effectiveness, and organized around the categories of Governance, Management, and Evidence of Success, may be integrated into corporate reporting efforts.Conclusions: Pursuit of corporate integrated reporting requires corporate governance and ethical leadership and values that ultimately align with environmental, social, and economic performance. Agreement on metrics that intentionally include HWB may allow for integrated reporting that has the potential to yield significant …

NP Pronk, D Malan, G Christie, C Hajat, D Yach – Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 2018
Publication date
Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
Wolters Kluwer
Total citations
Cited by 9

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