Measuring wellbeing in a healthcare setting: A qualitative study of staff and service user perspectives

This study explored staff and service users’ views on a selection of candidate wellbeing questionnaires for use by a UK-based healthcare provider, Nuffield Health, that is embarking on a programme to monitor the impact of their services on wellbeing. Ten stakeholder focus groups were conducted with 64 staff and service users, in addition to three in-depth telephone interviews with Nuffield Health Executive Board members. Focus groups and interviews were audio-recorded and transcripts examined using qualitative thematic analysis. Across focus groups, stakeholders commented on the importance of ensuring that data from wellbeing questionnaires provided actionable insight that can help to direct care and inform service improvements. Service users conceptualised their own wellbeing as a broad concept that encompassed more than just a mental state, and that was broadly aligned to the notion of feeling “in …

S Attwood, TL Penney, R O’Leary, C Klahn, B Kelly – Applied Research in Quality of Life, 2020
Publication date
Applied Research in Quality of Life
Springer Netherlands
Total citations
Cited by 7

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