Physical activity is associated with improvements in other lifestyle behaviours

IntroductionWe tested whether physical activity (PA) engagement is subsequently associated with additional health-promoting behaviours in a large-scale, real-world programme leveraging technology and behavioural science to reward healthy lifestyle behaviours.MethodsIn this observational, longitudinal study, we compared participants’ verified and self-reported health behaviours prior to and following their first verified engagement in PA recorded on the Vitality programme between 2014 and 2017.ResultsOf 34 061 participants, the mean duration in the programme was 40.1 (SD 12.6) months, and the median time until the first PA was 13.1 (SD 16.6) months, with a mean age of 42.0 (SD 11.1) years and 14 881 (43.7%) being male. Baseline weekly PA minutes were mean 62.8 (SD 129.7), 98 (SD 26.0) and 282.9 (SD 230.0) for the low, moderate and high groups, respectively. In the 12 months following the first …

C Hajat, D Kotzen, E Stein, D Yach – BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine, 2019
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BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine
BMJ Specialist Journals
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