The development, implementation and evaluation of clinical practice guidelines in G ulf C ooperation C ouncil (GCC) countries: a systematic review of literature

Rationale, aims and objectives Our aim was to examine and describe the current situation in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member countries regarding the development, implementation and evaluation of clinical practice guidelines (CPG). The objectives were to describe from where the studies originated, what the clinical focus was of each study and examine the methodology and the status of each study (i.e. development, dissemination, implementation and evaluation). Methods Review of literature – two stages: stage 1: screening through an abstract review, followed by independent adjudicator; stage 2: detailed assessment and classification. Results Considering the widespread acceptance that CPG’s are useful and effective tools for quality improvement in health care, it is worth noting that relatively few studies have been conducted in the GCC region that examine CPG. Furthermore, the reviewers found …

E Koornneef, P Robben, C Hajat, A Ali – Journal of evaluation in clinical practice, 2015
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