Weqaya: A Population-Wide Cardiovascular Screening Program in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Objectives. We sought to determine cardiovascular risk factor prevalence rates among adults in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.Methods. We used self-reported indicators, anthropometric measures, and blood tests to screen 50 138 adults aged 18 years or older taking part in a population-wide cardiovascular screening program.Results. Participants’ mean age was 36.82 years (SD = 14.3); 43% were men. Risk factor prevalence rates were as follows: obesity, 35%; overweight, 32%; central obesity, 55%; diabetes, 18%; prediabetes, 27%; dyslipidemia, 44%; and hypertension, 23.1%. In addition, 26% of men were smokers, compared with 0.8% of women. Age-standardized diabetes and prediabetes rates were 25% and 30%, respectively, and age-standardized rates of obesity and overweight were 41% and 34%.Conclusions. This population-wide cardiovascular screening program demonstrated a high …

C Hajat, O Harrison, Z Al Siksek – American journal of public health, 2012
Publication date
American journal of public health
American Public Health Association
Total citations
Cited by 110

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