Heidi Meyer

Senior Clinical & Public Health Nutritionist

A Clinical and Public Health Nutritionist by profession, Heidi has a wealth of clinical experience working within the public and private health sectors in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates. More recently, Heidi has moved subtly toward the research, teaching, and learning space, having held lecturing positions at major universities in Australia, the UK, and the UAE.

Believing that the core of gold-standard healthcare practice is how we communicate, support, share knowledge and inspire each other professionally, Heidi has written and delivered Graduate and Post Graduate award courses to Medical Professionals in Australia, the USA, and the UK. These courses specifically focus on the areas of Health Communication and Health Promotion, within the Public Health Nutrition, Overweight and Obesity, and Lifestyle Diseases specialisations.

Heidi’s current higher degree in research is in the area of Health Communication and Tailoring, “Conversational Analysis of HCPs in Type 2 Diabetes Dietary Intervention Programmes.”

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