Layla Fattah

Communication & Design Lead

Layla Safwat Fattah is a communications specialist in health promotion and public advocacy. She has led campaigns to impact public perceptions and spur social and behavioral change, leveraging multi-disciplinary communication strategies to support public-health governmental and non-governmental organizations.

She has managed engagement initiatives for Health Authority Abu Dhabi and SEHA, focused on impacting behavioral change in social welfare and health issues. Her award-winning Child Seat Campaign for HAAD influenced the implementation of child seat legislation in the UAE. Other initiatives included prevention of lifestyle diseases (CVD) as well as vaccination campaigns for HPV, H1N1, Swine Flu and Haj vaccination. She has also led public health campaigns focused on safe driving, cervical screening, school health programs and oral health campaigns for schools and families, in addition to multi-lingual worker education campaigns for ‘Height Safety’ and ‘Working in the Heat.’

Layla has been supporting NYU Abu Dhabi since 2011 with various marketing programs. In 2011 she oversaw the communications strategy for the National Rehabilitation Center (Abu Dhabi), establishing the center as a regional leader in prevention and treatment of substance abuse. This included developing NRC’s communication strategy encompassing awareness campaigns and partnerships with organizations such as the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime and the International Drug Policy Consortium.

She also consultants for The Womanity Foundation, which focuses on women’s empowerment and advancing gender equality to promote more inclusive societies.

Most recently, Layla has led the content development for the UAE Pavilion in Expo 2020. She has also been working on the Frontline Heroes Campaign in the UAE, that highlights the important work of the front-liners during Covid-19 pandemic.

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