Mo Yusuf

BSc. (Hons), MRes

Mo is a research epidemiologist and health data scientist with close to six years of experience, driven by the use of data to gain deep insights into problems and answer complex questions on the health of populations. He is focused on work that positively impacts society and is in the final few months of his PhD. Mo is using the life course approach to study inequalities in musculoskeletal health and function in the UK population using the 1970 British Birth cohort study and the UK Biobank.

Before his PhD, Mo worked as a pre-doctoral researcher in musculoskeletal epidemiology at Manchester Metropolitan University for three years. More recently, he worked as a lead consultant epidemiologist for the Mogadishu government in Somalia. During the early phase of the COVID19 Pandemic, he supported the Mogadishu administration on a project examining the syndromic prevalence of COVID-19, which was funded by the European Union for the EU-Reintegration project implemented in partnership with the local government of Mogadishu, UNDP, UNHCR and UN-Habitat. He was responsible for data cleaning, data analysis, and report writing. 

Mo has expertise in epidemiological methods and statistics, as well as working with small and large longitudinal datasets. He can conceptualise problems and how best to address them through research and analysis. Mo has extensive experience in project management and data science techniques such as data collection, processing and analysis, predictive modelling, and scripting in R and Python

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