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J Doyle, A Innes, B Kelly, S Attwood, M Cutts… – Physiotherapy, 2019

S Attwood, J Wise, D Vennard – IN CONSUMER INSIGHTS?

Appiah, Karen O. B.; Khunti, Kamlesh; Kelly, Benjamin M.; Innes, Aidan Q.; Liao, Zhining; Dymond, Michael; Middleton, Robert G.; Wainwright, Thomas W.; Yates, Thomas; Zaccardi, Francesco

Smith, Jemma L.; Innes, Aidan Q.; Burns, Danielle S.; Deniszczyc, Davina; Selfe, James; MacConville, Stephen; Deighton, Kevin; Kelly, Benjamin M.

Smith, Jemma L.; Deighton, Kevin; Innes, Aidan Q.; Holl, Marc; Mould, Laura; Liao, Zhining; Doherty, Patrick; Whyte, Greg; King, James A.; Deniszczyc, Davina; Kelly, Benjamin M.

Liao, Zhifang; Lan, Peng; Fan, Xiaoping; Kelly, Benjamin; Innes, Aidan; Liao, Zhining

Kelly, Benjamin; Innes, Aidan; Holl, Marc; Mould, Laura; Powell, Susan; Burns, Danielle; Doherty, Patrick; Whyte, Greg; King, James; Deniszczyc, Davina

Hajat, Cother; Stein, Emma; Shantikumar, Saran; Niaura, Raymond; Ferrara, Pietro; Polosa, Riccardo

Kokorikou, D., Sarigiannidis, I., Fiore, V.G., Parkin, B., Hopkins, A., El-Deredy, W., Dilley, L. and Moutoussis, M.

Parkin, Beth Louise

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