Adapting Diets to be Healthy & Sustainable at National Level

World Government Summit Dubai Feb 2023 In 2016 the World Government Summit launched the SDG’s in Action WGS platform, focused on the importance of multelateral efforts in implementing the world’s 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Since its inception, the SDGs in Action platform has become synonymous with innovation and impact towards the global goals. […]

ENABLE a culture of sustainable, healthy and nutritious diets

Welcome to the Food Systems Pavilion at COP27! During this live-streamed session, we encourage active dialogue in the chat, including reactions to and reflections on what’s being shared, as well as questions. Please know that we will not have the ability to answer all questions but please still pose them, as your question may spark […]

Enabling the Change: Save the Food Conference

The conference has the focus on identifying essential elements of enabling environments and tools, including legislative and business innovations, marketing strategies, and practical interventions that support the reduction of food loss and waste and the transition to sustainable food value chains. To this end, the conference explores a broad spectrum of recent developments, challenges, and […]

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