Personalised Nutrition in NEOM, Saudi Arabia

Client : NEOM

A strategy and implementation plan for a personalised nutrition programme for NEOM, Saudi Arabia.

NEOM is a new city being built with an aspirational goal of becoming a regional healthy living hub. We were tasked with developing a Strategy and Implementation Plan to provide a futuristic vision of the nutrition habits of NEOMians with a view to being both health-promoting and sustainable, and being scalable both in country and globally.

The role of personalised nutrition is increasingly recognised as necessary to produce sustained improvements in individuals’ dietary behaviour. We successfully presented a plan for a scalable personalised nutrition service, using NEOM as the initial test bed to determine feasibility and impact, which could prove transformative in shifting dietary patterns across the entire Gulf region. 

The Nutreom programme was designed to achieve lifestyle behaviour change through data-driven programme design, use and design of health technology, AI based algorithms, behaviour change techniques, health communication, public health nutrition and functional nutrition. Our team all have substantial Gulf region experience, which is crucial to design and developing culturally appropriate lifestyle interventions.

The branding of our proposed personalised nutrition service, the NUTREOM programme, reflected NEOM’s aspirational goal of becoming a regional healthy living hub.

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