The Impact of Appealing Dish Names on Plant-Based Food Choices in Corporate Cafes: A Field Study

Objectives Companies are looking to support their employees with healthier and more sustainable food options. Here, we test if appealing dish names could influence food choices at corporate cafes. We hypothesized that menu items accompanied by appealing food names would be selected more compared to when accompanied by basic names. Methods The study had a quasi experimental design and was conducted in buffetera-style cafes in four corporate offices across the world (Sydney, Chicago, Singapore & Sao Paulo) where food is complementary. The seated head count at these offices is ∼850–2500 employees. Three plant-based menu items including entrees, side dishes, composed salads and/or soups were tested at each site. Appealing names were generated through a creative workshop and emphasized the dish ingredients, origin, flavor and/or the eating …

A Gavrieli, S Attwood, P Stillman, E Putnam-Farr… – Current Developments in Nutrition, 2020
Publication date
Current Developments in Nutrition
Oxford University Press
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